In recent years I have enjoyed undertaking a number of illustration projects. These have included everything from colouring-in sets for children to a book of poetry about cats. If you would like to know more, you can contact me here.


A must for cat lovers! Copies of the Catmospherics book with 15 illustrations from original pen and ink drawings are available to buy, as well as framed copies of some of the illustrations. Get in touch to find out more.  


For younger art fans, plain copies of the illustrations below are available to colour in at home. 

They also make very attractive personalised products. Contact me for further details.


I really enjoyed designing these spray paintings. They were created by drawing separate vector illustrations to make stencils that could then be spray painted. I think the design would make a fabulous feature wall in someones kitchen. 


I am using a similar idea - of overlaying pattern onto imagery - for my landmarks project. Check my blog for updates: I will post an example of the new artwork when I have finished researching and drawing it properly. The project is in it's infancy at the moment.


Having spent a lot of late nights moth watching in recent years, I have now started to produce digital drawings of some of them. From these drawings, I have been producing a series of artworks incorporating gold leaf to accentuate patterns on the moths wings. There has been genuine enthusiasm for this work at Cambridgeshire Open Studios this year, largely because visitors have been keen to learn more about moths. Did you know there are 2,500 species of moth in the UK and only 59 species of butterfly?