I have done all sorts of different commissions, but these are my two favourite paintings. I have included the preliminary sketches for The Ely Dispensary as people often wonder how a commission is developed. It depends very much on the individual requirements but in this instance, I was asked to do a local archway so the sketches really helped the clients make a more confident decision.


As well as taking part regularly in Cambridgeshire Open Studios, I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with very talented local artists on a number of original and exciting exhibitions.

This banner formed part of a dynamic art installation of 100 banners commemorating the impact of the First World War in Cambridgeshire. A section of speech written by Hugh Lupton for 'Barbed Wire for Kisses' inspired my banners and is written in the background like a diary excerpt. The pheasant rising into the sky felt like appropriate imagery because it's overlong tail made it reminiscent of a pheonix; a symbol of hope and resurrection.