04. October 2018
The cost of my website was recently increased fourfold, so I decided that this was an excellent opportunity to update everything with a new host. Please let me know if you think there is anything that could be better: Navigation, information, presentation? Thank you.
06. June 2018
Nearly ready for 2018 Cambridge Open Studios really pleased with my digital prints.
20. February 2018
Did you know that 'Still Life' dates back at least as far as the ancient Egyptians?
17. January 2018
Welcome to 2018.
06. January 2018
I have had a fantastic time painting a Gold Spot moth and am definitely going to continue with this project (I’m also halfway through an Elephant Hawkmoth).
09. November 2017
I have spent the last couple of months working on pen and ink drawings to illustrate David Lockyer’s poetry.
06. August 2017
Saturday 6th August It’s confirmed. Ely Cathedral have got a buyer for my Christ in Majesty and it is being donated for permanent display. I am incredibly excited – Yippee!
14. June 2017
Very exciting - I finally picked up the first batch of Catmospherics from the printers.
11. May 2017
Is my fur really better than Gainsborough's?
04. April 2017
I have finished updating our trail guide ...first day of hanging. The exhibition is really coming together now and it is fantastic hear initial reactions to the work. Lots of positive feedback already.

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