Better than Gainsborough

The exhibition has been a fantastic success and I am really proud of my part in it. Not only have I have had amazing feedback about my artwork but we have also had lots of praise for the way it was curated. I don’t think you can ever really know how it is going to look until the work is up on the wall, but all that planning and publicity have really paid off. I know of lots of people who said that they went to visa it more than once, which is a huge compliment. There are images of my 'Secret Life of Ely Cathedral’ on the Exhibitions page.



On a separate note, I went to The National Gallery this weekend to do a drawing workshop with my daughter (She loves art and I’m trying to find a way of getting her interested in galleries, because she generally turns her nose up). I didn't anticipate that adults would be encouraged to join in, but obviously I couldn't resist. We did a chalk and charcoal drawing of the dog in Thomas Gainsborough’s painting Mr and Mrs William Hallett (The Morning Walk) 1785. Bronwyn had a fantastic time and drew for nearly an hour. The lady running the workshop said that my drawing of the dog's fur was better than Gainsborough’s – a pretty successful day all round!